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Western or British?

Just had my first taster lesson in Western riding today.

I came away shaking, teary and euphoric, just because of the roller coaster of emotions and amount of adrenaline going on…

It was something like:
ooh, this is exciting…This is different…Oh, god, heels again, I always get nagged about them… This horse is playing up… Actually, that one was my fault… That one wasn’t, though!… (mutters) I hate this instructor, I am never, ever, ever going to get this and I want this lesson over…. Oh, that was OK actually. ..Actually not too bad… Bugger, lost it again… One handed reins, hand on the swell like a real cowboy – this is cool! Ohmigod, I’m loping! Love it!… Oops, where’s he going? How do I stop this thing?… Wanna go again, cool!!

Here’s how the professionals do it…