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pre-spring blues

I went a bit stir crazy this Winter, too many snow-ins and dark afternoons. I don’t usually get like that, but Winter in the countryside is more full on than it was in London.

Today the sun’s colouring everything green rather than grey. I planted some gladioli bulbs (residual homage to Morrissey – sad, I know) and tried not to tramp on too many crocuses. (Croci?)

I’ve also been procrastinating, my favourite energy draining, pointless hobby. Admittedly, the boiler man had to be made a cup of tea (I’m definitely putting off  addressing the idea of a new boiler – £600?? surely not??!). And the car had to be dropped off to the garage before the exhaust fell off.  Plus I had e-mails to reply to and Verboticisms to create.

All this patching up of domestic equipment that’s been worn out by Winter is fuel for my creative writing prompt (to write about a home) for my local writer’s group. I managed to write a three page piece which was all over the place in tone and had a strong sense of place, but lacked insight into the character. I loved writing it, but it needs a re-write before I’d take it to read out to the group.

If any other ex-Open University students (or other budding writers) are reading this, I’d love to read your take on that exercise.  And I’ll post mine (when I’ve written something I’m happy with).