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Why I think Toy Story 3 deserves more Oscars than The King’s Speech

Alright, I’ll admit I’ve only actually seen three of the films on the Oscar nomination list. And I didn’t much like Alice in Wonderland.

But Toy Story 3 was far, far better than TKS.



  • Toy Story made me laugh and cry. TKS didn’t.


  • Toy Story moved along at a cracking pace, was witty and energetic.
    TKS could have ended half an hour earlier than it did.


  • Woody and his friends are far more rounded characters than any in TKS.


  • TS3 was original (a cowboy, robot and pig have to make terrible choices, escape a kids’ day centre and survive a rubbish incinerator). TKS’s theme of two very different people connecting and building a relationship wasn’t.


  • TS3 deals with universal, grand themes like loss, separation, growing up, friendship and sacrifice.
    In a perfect Hollywood world, it’s brilliant that our hero is allowed to have a stammer.
    But TKS sent the message that if only you make an effort, you can overcome your ‘weakness.’ I’m not a speech therapist so I hesitate to make judgements on something so important. But I think speech defects and language disorders are probably a combination of physical, cognitive and psychological factors; not something that can be fixed by overcoming your prejudices and fears and going along with an eccentric, fake doctor.


  • The actors in TS3 were invisible in a good way. The actors in TKS all delivered brilliant performances – but in an almost self-conscious way.


  • TS3 entertained kids and adults. TKS’s main appeal (in the cinema I was in, at least) seemed to be as an outlet for people who don’t usually swear to safely laugh at an onslaught of four letter words from Colin Firth.


So. I think TS3 had a heart, and that TKS was admirable in its technical details (costumes, period detail) and wasn’t a bad film, but it didn’t move me. The Oscar nominations and ticket sales have proved me wrong, I think, but I wonder if I’m alone?