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less Jilly, please!

I’m not a big fan of Rebekah Brooks and one or two things have been written about her already, BUT… why, in every single article, in every broadsheet, is she always “flame haired”? Is Rupert Murdoch always “balding”?

Reading about her and the Cameron set is like reading Jilly Cooper and I love Jilly Cooper. But I like Jilly Cooper writing about made up things. I don’t like newspapers adding this soap opera thing to the news…


Jo and Jilly

Just finished reading Jo Brand’s autobiography. An engaging read with a light touch. I’d like to have her as a friend: down to earth, compassionate and funny.

I also borrowed Jilly Cooper’s latest, Jump. I don’t think anything she writes now can rival, well, Rivals, which has to be one of the top five most touching and fun love stories. I felt the characters in Jump were a bit two-dimensional compared to some of her other creations. And there were lots of them.

But there’s a strong heart beating in all her books. I’d like her as a friend, too.