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hot under the collar

It could just be the weather but yesterday’s Federer – Nalbandian match was a bit like watching a soft porn movie…

First, rugged looking Argentinian Nalbandian gets a groin injury which calls for a reassuring looking physio in shorts to do a bit of gentle but firm thigh massaging. The camera zoomed closer and closer and higher and higher – it must have been quite something in HD.

Then as play resumes there’s McEnroe’s lazy American voiceover wondering “how that groin’s feeling now.”

Next Federer changes his top. Slowly.  Cut back to more physio on South American tennis player action…

(Actually when Nadal took off his top after his match – standing around topless for a while and packing away his kit before he put on a new one – it seemed a deliberate attempt to draw attention from Muller leaving the court. But – me being a fan of Federer and not Rafa – I took Roger’s top switching as timely moment to freshen up and in no way an attempt to steal the focus back from his injured opponent…)


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  1. Perhaps I’ll give Wimbledon another go then 😉

  2. 🙂

    Federer’s playing later today, as it happens…!

    Radio 4 described him today as playing with “somnulent regality” which is a brilliant description. Wish I could write with that precision!


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