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spooky or what…

We went to France this weekend and revisited some old caves hidden away in the middle of a forest. They are dark, cold and stretch for miles underground. It was used by soldiers during the first world war.

J took a picture and on checking it noticed an odd mist-like substance in the camera. He took another and it was clear.

He didn’t tell me at the time, correctly assuming I’d want to run away as fast as I could. It’s a spooky sort of place anyway and the forest is alleged to be home to several angry wild boar so I was anxious enough as it was.

I’m sure it was either J’s breath, or some odd trick of  the light. But part of me doesn’t want a logical explanation….


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  1. Really spooky. On the level with seeing a face at the window of a castle. Saw that somewhere, sometime. On a more mundane note, could it have been condensation. Was it hot outside, cold in the caves?

  2. That is very weird – what does it look like??

  3. Wowee, that is amazing!
    I don’t personally believe in ghosts, but years ago when we rented, our music centre switched itself on when neither of us could possibly have done it, and my husband thought he saw me standing waiting to jump out on him when he was walking across our bedroom in the dark, but I wasn’t even in the room!


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