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J has no qualms telling me he didn’t marry me for my cooking. Something always used to go wrong when I did cookery at school (things would burn, or just taste plain odd). Not much has changed.

Yesterday was my idea of hell. An acquaintance and her friend were stopping by for lunch in the middle of a huge bike ride. We sort of knew her and had politely asked her to drop by thinking she wouldn’t. They then texted to say that there would, in fact, be six people arriving (none of whom we knew apart from this one lady).

Cue mad dash to T*sco. I hate T*sco and never shop there but the shops in town were all closed for the Bank Holiday. Gargh! But it’s obviously where the world goes on Bank Holidays, so my quick dash became a blood-pressure raising, soul-destroying Dodgems game.

Fortunately, our cyclists turned up thirsty and late and were so hungry that my modest pasta/salad/unexciting spread was praised to the high heavens. Phew. My new strategy is to wear out guests so much their taste buds are too exhausted to notice things.

In defence of my culinary shortcomings, I did make a simnel cake for Easter which J scofffed very enthusiastically and went as far as to offer to another friend who’d never come across simnel cake before (neither had I, as it happens, until I married J). Which proves it can’t have been too bad.

My other food failing is a tendency to shop only for the next two meals and reject buying too much ready made stuff or storecupboard staples on the basis that ‘you can make it yourself’ (and this from someone who can’t cook) and ‘it’s expensive’ (forgetting that food is fundamentally essential to survival). So, while I can live on a permanent diet of Matzos with some cheese on top,  poor J is scrabbling around in the fridge for real food with some meat in it.

Hope everyone else’s Easter was as sunny and chilled. I made a couple of peg bags from old children’s clothes (that’s the clothes that are ageing, not the children). This one’s for my mum and the other (not pictured, it’s on the line) with a cartoon cat on is for me (of course. You didn’t think I’d post an entry without a cat reference, did you?).


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  1. I have an appointment with that supermarket this afternoon! Although we will call into the local Farm Shop on the way for fruit and veg and the other occasional organic treat but it’s too expensive to buy everything, tempting though it is. I try to limit my shopping to one day a week. Just habit really and dislike of shopping! Love the peg bag by the way. Could this be another side-line?

  2. Thanks. You can sell these sorts of things on Etsy. Not that I do. My needlework’s not that robust.

    Glad to hear someone else doesn’t actually like shopping. I thought it was just me!


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