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spring zen

I was working like mad yesterday to finish a deadline. I got up early and galloped along in fifth gear to get it done in time. It was an interesting project, but so dense and relentless it was like wading through treacle.

The reward was a stroll along the river to the pub. Even at 8 o’clock, it was just about warm enough to sit outside (for the first five minutes at least). The view – I wish this photo did it justice – was beautiful.

I had declined more freelance work, as Wednesday used to be my volunteer day. I’ve posted before about how I was struggling with it. I overcame that but I did find myself a bit frustrated because it was a bit of a paper pushing job.

I wondered why I was choosing to turn down paid work  just to sit in an office all morning for no pay! My freelance work fluctuates quite a bit, and while it’s been quiet the voluntary work has been a pleasure to do. But now that the paid work has picked up I’ve become ruthless about what I’m turning it down for.

So I resigned from my voluntary role and now I’ve been in contact with a local cat charity about helping with trapping or home visits and also with a horse charity, so I can learn build up my knowledge and confidence around horses.  Well, they say find the thing you love and do that! (Sadly, I’ve yet to find the job that just involves ‘pottering about a bit.’)

What’s more, one day when J’s work slows down I’ll probably have to get a steady full-time job rather than continue with the erratic freelance work. And that’ll probably be inside, in an office somewhere. So in the meantime, being out and about and maybe getting experience that might lead to a paid job with animals seems the way to go.

Picture of Pippin sticking his tongue out from the safety of the apple tree.


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  1. It was warm here yesterday too but today the haar came in and stayed all day. Sun is just coming through now. I love your picture of the river, it looks so peaceful. A great picture of Pippin too – how he has grown and looks quite a character.


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