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500 words (or a few less)

My pledge to myself to write 500 words daily of my novel has- well, stalled a bit, what with the terrifying adventures of letting the cat out and getting lots of freelance work (hurrah!).
Not to mention the ongoing learning to ride saga… Kim was ‘let go’ – no idea why – but my naive assurance that with Karen and Fergus nothing could go wrong was brutally stamped on when I had my worst ever lesson (‘Don’t let him get away with it! Kick harder, you’re too gentle!’). Next week, I’m on Bertie, in an attempt to break the I-get-anxious-horse-plays-up-I-get-even-more-anxious cycle.

I was disappointed not to march on Saturday but we did our bit for Earth Hour in front of the fire with a couple of candles.


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