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Haiku Horses!


I’ve started a Haiku diary! Here’s today’s entry, after my riding lesson.

I try no stirrups.
Fergus grumbles and stumbles,
But I don’t fall off.

Yesterday was the more domestic:

Washing on the line
Dank and cold in the gloaming
Waits to be brought in

It’s addictive stuff. Thanks to my copy writer friend for inspiring me.

That’s not me in the photo, by the way (I wish…) It was taken at the Poplar Park Horse Trials on Sunday. (Husband says, ‘Bet they’ll get off.’ Ho ho).

Feeling the ground shake under my feet and listening to that rhythmic, heartbeat sound of galloping hooves was atavistic (that’s a word I had to look up recently and I think this is the right context…!)


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  1. Really interested in this because I’ve been trying my hand at Haiku. Do you know about cinquain? This came up at my last writers’ group. Poems are of 2,4,6,8 and 2 syllables. I think it gives a bit more scope but I like your haiku

  2. I’m new to this, too, so have only heard about cinquain. I’ll try one…!


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