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Five books I’m reading

Wilkie Collins No Name
I’m really enjoying this, it’s a real page turner. The heroine is determined, principled and loyal and it looks like she’s going to go to any lengths to right the wrongs she’s inherited.

Chrissis Manby Getting Over Mr Right
Not one I’d normally read but my mother-in-law handed it to me in the library. Whatever you think of chick lit, this goes along at a cracking pace, with a cliff hanger at the end of each chapter and a really gripping plot line where our poor heroine fatally and exasperatingly keeps getting herself into worse and worse situations. I read it in a couple of hours and would give a lot to be able to write that sharply and lightly.

The Third Man by Peter Mandelson
Hm. I’m not much into political autobiographies but got this out for the human interest side: Gordon Brown, whatever you may think of him, certainly struck me as genuinely living for his politics; Tony Blair seemed a career politician but also sure of his own decisions. PM seemed attracted by power and his “no problem with people getting filthy rich” comment said shedloads about New Labour.
So I thought this book could be interesting.
From the off, his lack of modesty is fascinating and astonishing. I shamefully skim read the few chapters about his past and leapt to the chapters about the trio that I was interested in.
PM said there were thoughts about linking to the Greens, but Labour were pro-nuclear. A huge, vital issue. The reason for PM’s support for nuclear power? Because if they didn’t support it, that might upset the Sellafield constituents and the Labour MP there might lose his seat. I kid you not. That really important policy decision was made on the basis of keeping their mate in power.
So the book’s still sitting there. It’s enthralling in a sick kind of way but discouraging.

Fodor’s France 2011
For holiday ideas and to daydream over the glossy colour photos. We’re thinking Brittany, suggestions welcome!

Living With a Rescued Cat
One of many books I’ve been getting while Pippin settles in!

Iris by John Bayley
Just about to start this, another recommendation from my mil. My granny had Alzheimer’s so I’m interested in this. I made tea for a local support group the other day, mainly for carers, and one in five people over 80 have some form of dementia. It can be a tough and sometimes harrowing condition and the Alzheimer’s Society are just fantastic.

These were all library books and I would really, really miss the library if it closed.
We’ve been given a ‘consultation’ form here in Suffolk which is actually quite offensive: first, it claims that the threats of cuts are “an exciting opportunity” (no, they’re not). Then the council decide that if we the public can only come up with “disappointing” ideas about how to save the libraries (which we’ve only got until April to propose ) they’ll go ahead and make the financial cuts anyway!

Nice to see they’re not doing their jobs and are instead delegating an impossible task to the people they work for instead…


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