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Look, I know I wasn’t going to post YouTube videos of cats, but this one isn’t a real cat, it’s a pretend cat so it doesn’t count.

Our (real) cat likes cuddles, toy mice, sticks and shoe laces.

I’ve been struggling all day with the piece I’m trying to write for my local creative writing group. The prompt is: ‘I was standing in front of an open door.’ I read it out to J who is very good at constructive criticism and I’ve now rewritten parts, but could still do with a fresh read tomorrow morning. I’ll post it after the meeting.

I was really pleased today. A couple of weeks back, I put a note up in my local library and music shop asking for fellow late starter/amateur musicians to practise with. I had a second email from another cellist today who’s 73 and grade 4. (I’m about a grade 2).  Which makes us four cellists and a piano.

We’ve yet to meet because one lady is on holiday, but I’ll be over the moon if we can get something going.



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  1. I have seen this one before but they are brilliant, and so well observed. When our long-departed cat was a kitten,she hid in a carrier bag and the handles became caught up so she rushed through the house trying to get away from the carrier bag which kept following her. It created chaos just before school-time as everyone rushed about trying to catch her. Good luck with your writing group – how much do you have to write. My next prompt is ‘Crossroads’. Mmm, still thinking.


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