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I never thought…

..that I’d write about cats.

I promise I won’t send links to kittens playing the ukulele on YouTube.

It’s just that all day while  J’s been in London I’ve been fantasizing and obsessing over this sharp-looking cool cat . I’ve wanted a cat for ages and never could cos we lived in a flat in central London and went away a lot.

Now we’re living in the middle of nowhere and the Cats Protection League are trying to find a home for Pippin who’s six months old and likes laps and is meant to live with us, I just know it. Even if he is named after a hobbit.

I’ve arranged to meet him, booked a guy to come and install cat flaps and cleared out all cat-level dangerous items.

J doesn’t know yet because he’s having meetings at the Groucho about writing horror film scripts.

Yeah, I know, I should be writing about that instead, right?

Well, sorry. Pippin wins out over films for today. I’ll blog about the frock I’ll be wearing when he’s won the Oscar.


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