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optimistic what?

I nicked the opsimath idea from Stephen Fry’s The Ode Less  Travelled.  An opsimath is someone who learns late in life. Stephen Fry’s philosophy that simple curiosity is something to be cherished is inspiring.

Over the last couple of years my life has been enriched by:


  • going along to evening classes in Italian (learned at university, subsequently forgotten in that classic ‘use it or lose it’ way)
  • learning basic Russian (I want to fly to China and travel back on the TransManchurian)
  • annoying the neighbours by learning cello
  • day course in photography
  • day course in couple’s massage
  • and the most recent, an online course with the Open University in Creative Writing

I used to think that, unless you were going to play with the Royal Philharmonic or interpret for the UN, then such courses weren’t for the likes of me.  That a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Better to be a fox than a hedgehog.

But in fact, life is broader and brighter when you’re role playing the part of a Russian customs officer.


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  1. Hi Charlotte

    You appeared on my new blog so I thought I’d take a look at yours. I like it. Nice and chatty but some deep thoughts in there too. I’ve a long way to go with mine yet. If you’ve had a look at mine would be pleased if you could let me know if the font is too small. I think I leant on a button on my too-clever keyboard which minisculed everything. I had a good chuckle at your pc trials and tribulations.


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