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I like Morrissey. And I like Erasure. But…

In between the calls for Andrea Hill’s head – or rather some acknowledgment that the level of her pay at Suffolk County Council sits uncomfortably with threats of cuts to care homes and libraries – and congestion on the A12, the East Anglian Daily Times had a report about Erasure playing at Thetford Forest.

They’re said to be very ‘excited to be playing in the woods’ (ooer missus, etc). I’m incredibly, disproportionately excited to be going to see them.

Not that I was their hugest fan in the 80s or anything. It was all Morrissey, Morrissey, Morrissey.

It was quite odd to be in Manchester 20 years later watching all of The Smiths except Moz play There Is A Light That Never Goes Out and, unexpectedly, not missing him one tiny bit. It was brilliant and the best ever gig I’ve been to. At 16, the idea of The Smiths without Morrissey? Unthinkable.

But I also liked Erasure a lot and their songs are still three minutes of perfect, shiny, unfailingly heart-lifting synth heaven. Hurrah!


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