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karmic cows


Karma is a powerful thing.

I was walking along a muddy river path with friends and wallowing in self-pity (the offer we put on the house was rejected). Really wallowing, to the point where I was getting bored with myself. And I told myself that, if I didn’t stop being so self-obsessed, Fate would make sure I tripped in all this mud.

Anyway, I end up chatting to my lovely brother-in-law and cheering up considerably. We leave the muddy path to cross a concrete farm yard.

At which point, 20 walkers pass us in the opposite direction and I slip and fall on some cow shit.

And the cows – I swear – are laughing. We all commented on how odd it was that they were suddenly bellowing at such high-pitched volume.

Cows seem such beautiful and gentle, pacifist creatures.  Yet there they were, delegating Fate’s life lessons.



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