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Vince Cable

Nice long lie-in yesterday with Vince Cable and J.

I got his book, The Storm,  from the library, and vowed to read it properly and understand every single word.

My economic thinking goes as far as:

any cuts should cost poorer people less than richer people and bankers;

Vodafone should be made to pay taxes first, before anyone even thinks about cutting the NHS;

the New Economics Foundation is probably right about everything.

A bit naive, I have to admit. So Vince’s book came highly recommended and he’s in charge of business and what not, so he came first on my reading list.

J and I spent half an hour arguing about whether he should have appeared on Strictly Come Dancing or not. The couple of times I’ve seen it I’ve liked SCD, because I, well, like watching the dancing. But after ten minutes I get very cross and frustrated because there’s actually about one minute of dancing and 45 minutes of filler. Very annoying filler about people’s journeys and what other people think of those journeys and the journeys we’ve all had journeying along with people on their journeys. Then they vote, and then they repeat the bit they showed two minutes ago, in case we’d forgotten.

Anyway, I digress. J thought Vince should stop wasting time rehearsing for telly and get on with sorting out the economy. He felt it lacked gravitas. I thought it was harmless entertainment  that was probably a good outlet for Vince after a long day of sorting out the economy; and that it would be refreshing for 14 year-olds to see what a Secretary of State looks like.

Neither of us watched him on the show.

So, there I was, reading Vince’s book and averaging about three sentences before having to ask, “What does he actually mean by ‘wholesale markets’?” and, “OK, then, what do Keynesians really stand for?” J is, deep down, a history teacher. He sees no good reason to give  a one sentence answer, when an impassioned ten minute lecture will do.

When I bang my head against the pillow because I have to stop and ask what ‘leverage’ is, he remarks that, in fact, Vince is flattering our intelligence by using the correct terms like ‘second-charge mortgages’ and ‘securization’ instead of assuming we’re too stupid to understand.

But I do wonder if Vince couldn’t just hold my hand a bit more on his journey and maybe have a re-cap five minutes in…?


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