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Nazgul attack or internet powers of evil


My New Year’s Eve came under attack from strong forces – Internet Experts Who Use Their Powers For Evil, Not Good.

Ambling onto a random web page, I triggered an inglorious invasion from Spyware Protection.
Predictably, I panicked, clicked on everything out-of-place and suspicious looking that I’d never seen before, and yelled for my husband, J.

At which point, something quite unusual happened.

Random moments during travel, family get togethers and shopping where control slips out of his grasp and the world goes off kilter will normally colour his every gesture with Heathcliff-like “vexatious phlegm.” Computer meltdowns are a high-risk rage inducer. But instead, he approached the screen with zen-like, problem-solving interest.

I paced around the room swearing, convinced that – while he was calmly ignoring the frenzied pop-ups every time the mouse so much as blinked, and looked for an answer – reams of child porn were being sent to my boss and my bank account was being emptied.

At intervals, the PC would emit a loud screech – like Lord of the Rings nazguls only more horrible – reinforcing the sense of omniscient forces working for ill ends. The afternoon was spent in a complicated battle, as J tenaciously went in search of others in the fellowship who could help in our quest.

As each remedy was thwarted by the evil Spyware Protectors, another solution was sought, USB sticks and laptops recruited… until the last chance Combofix was installed. Dangerous and full on, it’s a fix only for the very brave and wary, when all else is lost.

So although that wasn’t quite how I’d  imagined spending the afternoon of NYE – and he was working, too, so couldn’t really afford to take time out – I’m so pleased he managed to get one jump ahead of those who were spending so much energy on trying to take our money.

If you get a similar attack, you may find Malwarebytes or Spybot work for you, where they didn’t for us.

If you go for Combofix, be very cautious because it could affect bits of your PC that you don’t want affecting.
Thanks to Bleeping Computer and the other net geniuses out there who work to make the world a better place.

I’m off to give J a back rub and a extra large slice of Christmas cake…

Happy New Year!


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